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At Golden Bullet, we seek to incorporate industry best practices and also ensure we meet our customers’ needs at all times whilst satisfying their highest expectations.


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Our Best Services

Courier Services

Our experienced team will ensure that your package is expedited upon processing for final delivery to you.

Credit Card Service

No credit card? No worries! If you do not have a credit card; we will shop for you! speak to a representative today for more information.

Customs Clearance

We handle the customs clearance for all your packages. If any duties or fees are charged it is added to your invoice.


Golden Bullet Rates

Checkout our exceptional rates! These rates are very affordable and competive in today's market.

$700.00 for first pound (LB)

Add $400 for each additional pound (LB).

To get detailed rates, sign up and use our rate and freight calculator

Things to note:

  • Island Wide Delivery available via Knutsford Express.
  • Customs duty is applicable to personal items exceeding USD $100.
  • Storage fee JMD $50 per day will be added to packages that aren’t collected within 14 days of arrival.
  • Jamaica Customs requires an invoice for all packages. Packages without invoices will result in delays.
  • The name entered must match the name on your Golden Bullet Courier Account. Please do not use abbreviations, nicknames, names of family or friends or an alias.
  • If you have any doubts or trouble entering your mailbox number or vendors removing, on websites such as Ebay, you can also put your mailbox number beside your name.
  • Always send us a pre-alert with an attached invoice for all incoming package/s. This will reduce delays.
  • Extra Handing Fee of $300 applies to all packages that arrive without your unique Mailbox # or have an incorrect name as that is considered to be a bad address.
  • $700JMD 0-1 pound and $400JMD for each additional pound.
    Each package has a processing fee of 300 JMD.

It is so easy to shop and ship to Jamaica with Golden Bullet!

How it works

How It Works

It is so easy to shop and ship to Jamaica. What are you waiting for? Starting today you will be able to enjoy the advantage of online shopping in the U.S with your personal Florida address.


Shop and Ship

Register for an account, shop at your favourite U.S. online Store and then ship to your personalized Golden Bullet Courier U.S. mailing address.


Add Prealert

Log in to your account and pre-alert us that package is on the way. Golden Bullet Courier handles Customs clearance on your behalf.


Collect Package

Package can be picked up from our location. KnutsFord Express delivery is also available. We look forward to delivering your goods.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and is it free?
Registration is easy and free. Simply head over to our website, click register and fill out the required fields.

How many times do you ship?
We ship three times per week. Twice by air and once by sea.

How can I contact You?
Should you have a question, suggestion, comment or want to reach out for any other reason, you can contact our team at [email protected], telephone or WhatsApp 876-835-2677.

What are your rates?
$700JMD 0-1 pound and $400JMD for each additional pound. Each package has a processing fee of 300 JMD.

Do I have to pay customs duty?
Once your invoice for package being shipped exceed 50USD, then you will be required to pay Customs Duty, which is mandated by the Jamaica Customs Agency.

Why are invoices Mandatory and where do I upload my invoice?
It is mandated by the Jamaica Customs Agency that all packages are accompanied by an invoice, failure to do so will result in delays and sometimes over charging of items. Invoices should be uploaded using our Pre-Alert feature on our website. This is to notify us that you are expecting a package. Invoice should be legible along with tracking number.

Where do You Ship From?
Currently we only ship from the USA to Jamaica. You can have all your packages delivered to our warehouse in Florida and we will ship them for you.

Will I be able to track my packages?
Once the packages are delivered to our warehouse in Florida, you will receive an email from us. You can also check the status of your package on your dash board located on our website.

How will I Know my package is ready?
You will receive an email confirmation once the package is in office and ready for pickup.

My package was delivered but I do not see it in my Golden Bullet Courier Account.
Packages are updated in batches. Once a package has been delivered at the warehouse, it takes up to 24 hours or by the end of the next day to be updated on the system. If two days have passed and you haven’t received an update you can contact us with the relevant package details.

How are unknown packages managed?
Please note that once a package has entered unknown, in order for that package to be shipped the customer must send the tracking number and proof of delivery to us Golden Bullet Courier. A request will be sent to the warehouse to be moved over to our company. There is also a fee for all unknown package at a cost of $300JMD.Unknown packages take up to 5 business days to move over then ship on the next available shipping date. Please ensure you add the full address information when checking out your cart otherwise package will go straight to unknown and you will have to provide us with the necessary information in order to receive it.


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